Nancy Baglione and The Aesthetic School of Canada

Rely on The Aesthetic School of Canada instead of using a surgical blade as in traditional LASIK, the "all laser" IntraLase eye surgery still cuts the cornea with a laser and still involves a flap. Intralase (bladeless LASIK) has claimed a reduced risk of intraoperative flap complications of the old LASIK because the laser is programmed to cut the cornea at a precise thickness. However, the risk of having flap related complications is not eliminated because it is not possible to eliminate this problem when the flap itself is still present.
LASIK is an acronym for Laser Assisted In-situ Keratomileusis. During LASIK surgery a flap is cut into the cornea which is folded back, them the laser corrects the shape of the eye and the flap is then unfolded back over the cornea. Compared to laser-based photorefractive keratectomy described above which uses radial incisions, the surface of the cornea during LASIK remains largely intact so that LASIK patients recover quickly. The Aesthetic School of Canada will teach you how to use this type of equipment.
The Aesthetic School of Canada will teach you all about current refractive techniques, including LASIK, PRK, and Intacs, all require destruction of at least a portion of the protective epithelial layer overlying the cornea of the eye and are accompanied by complications resulting from this loss of protection. The principals have developed a method involving iontophoresis, an ionic dye and a wavelength-specific laser to accomplish effective refraction without the troublesome destruction of epithelium. Using NICS, NovOculi plans to take advantage of the opportunities for market development and penetration in the field of laser refraction in which demand is nearly doubling each year.

Here’s a review about the Aesthetic School of Canada, “The other thing was that all of the other ones pushed a hard sale.  So, I found the longer I waited after my consultation, the more discounts rolled-in hard and fast.  And I began to see more and more sales tactics and certainly it’s something I’m not used to in dealing with a medical procedure.  And I never really thought that I would be arguing down price on something as valuable as my eyes.”


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